Bone HealthClinic

Bone HealthClinic

Supporting Strong Bones: Stella Maris Clinic Now Offers Bone Health Services
Stella Maris Clinic is proud to announce the expansion of our services to include bone health! In addition to our comprehensive medical and surgical offerings, we can now help you maintain and improve your skeletal health.

Whether you're concerned about osteoporosis, want to prevent fractures, or simply desire to keep your bones strong as you age, our dedicated team can provide the personalized care you need. We offer a range of services to promote bone health, including:

Bone density scans (DXA): This painless test measures bone mineral density to assess your risk for fracture.
Consultation with a healthcare professional: Our specialists will discuss your bone health history, risk factors, and develop a personalized treatment plan.
Treatment options: We can recommend treatments like medication, diet and exercise modifications, and lifestyle changes to optimize your bone health.
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Our commitment remains steadfast: providing high-quality healthcare in a safe and welcoming environment. To learn more about our new bone health services or schedule an appointment, contact us at 2610735 or 2610797.

Stella Maris Clinic: Your Partner in Strong Bones


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